Spring Summer 2023


ss23 collection continues PANN’s Friday party keywords:

freedom and romance, rebellion and revelry.


PANN’s unique feminine sense and vitality is interpreted under the lace and sharp cut created by chiffon material, swaying naturally with the wind in the air.PANN's chiffon, lace and other classic elements are a symbol for women's vitality. They are a carrier of change and development, allowing women to switch between the two roles of city and vacation at will, and a very strong way of communication. When women wear PANN, the dynamic hemline works on them and evokes a certain emotion —— release themselves.


PANN hopes that the SS23 collection will allow people to immerse themselves in a very natural rhythm, well away from the hustle and bustle of that crazy life, and allow women to find themselves in this grand Friday Party. This emotional communication and stimulation is very important in the design of PANN and forms an important part of what PANN is all about.


What's so different about a Friday party? Is it the longing for a dreamy Friday night or the desire to create a more ethereal, light and positive imagery? The original purpose of "Friday Party" was to be a party for the rebellious souls, and it would be disrespectful to the "party" to take a second off.