Spring Summer 2022

The story happened in the development of the American West in the late 19th century, The wild beauty of Penelope Cruz, and the solemn beauty Salma Hayek incarnate as bank thieves to fight against US Imperialism. The film is full of a western vibe, PANN’s SS22 Collection captures this rich and colorful western life and culture and integrates them into the design philosophy.
Independent, passionate, and romantic - PANN’s SS22 portraits a strong and rich cowgirl image with the reflection of western cowgirl culture. In addition, this collection integrates perfectly the rebellious western girl elements with the image of city girls, which pours the elegant and romantic gorgeous vibe in wild and nuttiness.
Concerning the western fashion movement, PANN’s SS22 collection encompasses a lot more than we collectively recognize. It’s not all button-downs, cowboy boots, fringe-lined jackets, and denim. Animal prints abound. Sequins are abundantly on offer. Belts are more statement-making than bolo ties. PANN’s cowgirl figure emphasized the Western movement’s inherent inclusivity: The most beautiful thing about Western fashion and cowgirl spirit is that it invites you to be yourself.