Fall2020 collection


The Fall 2020 collection “Secret Garden”, made entirely during lockdown, is trickling in. The concept of “Secret Garden” originates from The Secret Garden, a magical realism masterpiece by Frances Hodgson Burnett. The book narrates the journey of a lonely orphan girl finding happiness through bringing back a secret garden to life with her magical hands. The ideology of Pann Fall20 collection resonates with such narration —“ In secret places, we can think and imagine, we can feel angry or sad in peace. “

In Pann's story, the Fall20 collection decorates its garden through magical and conceptual deconstructive designs and experiments with diverse techniques to slice and dice the garments. Underneath the most potential colors: black, white and some other neutral colors, each piece is detailed with many asymmetric designs: thousands of blooms on one cut-out blazer and mid skirt, silk-blend cut-outs throughout the wool skirt, elegantly draped cape-back, evening sheer silk-blend trim throughout the dress with a long neck scarf, various silk detailed slices fused onto Pann’s signature reversible blazer and paired pants.



The experimental artisanship of Pann’s Fall20 collection reveals the vibe of liberation, flexibility, modernity, and fantasy to our audiences with plentiful reflection and inspiration, especially under the circumstances of a global pandemic. The Secret Garden is a story of kindness and the power of love, nevertheless it harbors a hint of melancholy — just like Pann: “If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.”