“It Takes A Strong Woman To Stay By Herself In A World Where People Will Settle For Anything Just To Say They Have Something.” With the theme of "Drip the Palette” and merges the elements of deconstructivism and minimalism 𝙋𝘼𝙉𝙉 FallWinter 2021 Collection have further enhanced the topic” heart of city vs vacation" as it's aesthetic from the previous collections and creates the unabashedly feminine ready-to-wear for women who are confident in life and fashion.

      This season is inspired by a novel and movie "The Queen's Gambit", describing the heroine Beth Harmon in 1950s to 1960s. As an orphan, she presented extraordinary western chess skills when she was a child, determined to break the chess world dominated by males. Faced with transformation from loneliness to independence, she confidently participated in global competitions and traveled across the world, reaching the top to be the master step by step-perfectly interpreting PANN's Queen featuring independent appearance and glowing heart, strong desire to win with intelligence and sexuality.

        By virtue of bold and inclusive colors and design, this collection have intensively stated modern females' inner world: with easy grace as well as integration of this world.


Round1- 1.0


Round1- 2.0


Round 2- 1.0


Round 2- 2.0