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To All Our Friends: 


PANN was founded in 2018.

PANN takes urban vacation as tone, presenting an image on romantic and playful, hard and dashing urban women. The design inspiration of each collection maps out the image of modern women's independence. The collection unites structuralism, minimalist aesthetics and practical style.

"Staycation" is the attitude of PANN.

We are independent free chic and romantic We are confident and charismatic.

The highest form of romance is freedom, and travel is a yearning for freedom. I love travel, freedom and romance, so PANN comes.

The original idea behind the creation of PANN was to encourage women to express themselves freely, to tell their stories through clothes, to discover their own originality through the way they dress, and also to enable women to switch freely between travel and work, to find the perfect balance between work and life, to show their independent, confident, chic and romantic femininity.

Stay(va)cation is a city break that can't satisfy people's romantic fantasy of long-distance travel, but it can be a different kind of experience. To me, Staycation is like an inward look, an inward emotional dialogue, and a way to find a certain reflection of what life has given you. It pushes life to a certain extreme, and it becomes fun to walk around the city; to cook a nice dinner at home and set up the delicate dishes. Urban vacationers are willing to take a risk and challenge themselves to make some bold and even misguided shifts in the delicate balance of finding clothing that speaks to the heart. You can wear a sequin-embellished bustier to work or a sexy leather corset to a party. A place where any beauty can be supported and encouraged.

A place where you can find something really fresh to enliven your closet; a place where your style will tell people who you are, not just how cool you look. In the world of the urban vacationist, everything familiar and unfamiliar, liked and needed, has the right amount of tension. STAY(V)CATION - City Vacation looks forward to seeing you in PANN all over the city or at home ....

We are confident and charming.

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Company name:SHARLOMAY LTD Company address:Agion Theodoron 6 Agios Athanasios, 4102, Limassol, Cyprus