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Olivine Garden Silk Square Scarf in Pink

Olivine Garden Silk Square Scarf in Pink

Giá thông thường $87.00 USD
Giá thông thường Giá ưu đãi $87.00 USD
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The hand-painted details in "PANN's Garden" give it a unique and romantic atmosphere. The environmental protection three-dimensional printing and dyeing of flowers and plants wanders between art and playfulness, with a unique sense of spirituality and flowing, gentle and long. The new logo pattern jumped out of the bland attire, it is added to make it stand out, not flowing in the vulgar, shining in your neck.

Deliver with in 8-20 business days.

Product Info

  • 100% silk
  • Imported digital printing
  • Silk (pure natural mulberry silk, protein fiber) is a light luxury and delicate species, natural texture, no need to wash to wear.
  • Due to its special sweat absorption and breathability, it also has the role of regulating body temperature and moisture, can enhance the vitality of skin cells and promote the metabolism of skin cells, silk will make the skin more comfortable.



Length 25.58''   Width 25.59''


Notice & Care

  • Machine washing is prohibited, dry cleaning is recommended to maintain its original color and texture.
  • If hand wash, do not scrub, should be gently pressed or patted to clean. Washing water temperature below 30 degrees Celsius, first stir the detergent in the water by hand, soaking time should not exceed five minutes. Please use special laundry detergent for silk.
  • Wash and dry naturally in a cool place. If you want to iron apply the silk stall, while using a piece of pressing fabric, smooth platform spread out ironing.
  • Can not sun exposure, please store in a sheltered, dry place to avoid yellowing of the fabric by direct light.
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