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BOBO Scented Candle in Easy Cream

BOBO Scented Candle in Easy Cream

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The freshness of a bouquet of floral and the sweetness of clove come together in Pann‘s irresistible candle. Made in soy wax and Pann’s signature Shopping Bag shape, it creates an inviting atmosphere that will suit any season. With the expression of humor and childishness, the Bobo candle filled with natural vegetal wax slowly releases the soft, floral scent of freshly cut roses.

Handcrafted sculptural wax candle in tones of light yellow and sky blue.

Each item is unique. Please note that the finish may vary.


Delivery in 8-20 business days.


Product Info

Net weight: 280g

Burning time: 60 hours

Size: 11.3x12.3x6 cm

Ingredients: Soybean wax

Top note: Sandalwood cedar cardamom leather

Medium note: Violet papyrus

Final note: Iris amber

Instructions: For a better burning experience, trim the wick before use every time


The First burn

Show your love to our candle too! It is necessary to make the surface layer of the grubs candle melt completely during the first burning, forming a flat wax pool before extinguishing, to minimize the appearance of memory holes.

How to Nursing Candle

Trim the wick when lighting a candle. Over-long wick will make the flame too high and speed up candle consumption. Uneven heat will make black smoke stick on the wall of the candle black, so before lighting the wick trim to 5 to 8 to light after.

Put out the candle appropriate

Please remember, do not blow out a candle with your mouth. Use a candle snuff hook to immerse the candle wick in the wax solution until it is extinguished and then put it back to its original position.

Candle Safety Advice

Please burn the candles in the places that children, pets can not reach. To protect furniture and property, place candles in small trays and do not place them directly on flammable objects.

Candle storage

Should be stored in cool, dark, and dry places. The high temperatures or direct sunlight will melt the surface of the candle, which will let the product lack fragrance when lit.

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