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CESTMOIPAN Jewelry Collection was founded in San Francisco by YANXI PANN in 2014. A desire to speak to a new generation of consumers, and propose relevant, quality fashion jewelry for the modern women underpins the brand’s identity and offer. 

The CESTMOIPAN is a clever mixture of glam rock and informal elegance. It has the capacity to convey more emotional and spiritual qualities such as values and feelings. In her creations strike the perfect balance between elegant and primal. She tells a story with jewelry, it becomes a message, A memory, a smell. 

In the latest collection "Untitled", she is keen to explore different textures and materials. All works are inspired by exotic cultures and landscapes. Therefore, each delicate piece has its own personality and repeatedly sees a strong masculine The edges are intertwined with sexy women, forming exquisite messy and intricate details. Each piece has been carefully carved by hand and refined yet easy to wear, intelligent and joyful.

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